Employees will no longer be asked to conduct dangerous tasks. Drones will step in and assist.

Commercial Drone Photography

Our AEC division supplies aerial data for your Architectural, Engineering, Construction, and Inspection projects via 3D Modeling, Point Clouds, Aerial LiDAR, CAD Overlays, Thermal Data CollectionPhotography Inspections, Videography, and more.

Our Brand Awareness division focuses on creating high-impact media for our clients. From social media to Hollywood movies, our pilots create aerial pieces that will separate you from the competition. Don’t lose another customer to boring marketing.


At AerdiA, we remain on top of upcoming technologies and study the best options for our clients. You will always get the best solution for your project.

Your competition is using us. Why aren't you?


Great advancements have come from the marriage of LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and commercial drones.

Click below to view some of our recent LiDAR projects.

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Buildings and Telecom are industries that gain huge benefits from Vertical Inspections via commercial drones.

Click below to view some of our recent Vertical Inspection projects.

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Some data is not as obvious as others. Our Thermal Data collection services provide a clearer picture, even when not normally visible.

Click below to view some of our recent Thermal Data projects.

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Exploring and integrating in three dimensions adds to the immersiveness of all around us. We have the capabilities to take our data into the 3D world.

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3D Modeling projects.

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Knowing what is happening on your project site can mean the difference between saving or spending money on costly reworked tasks.

Click below to view some of our recent Progression Documentation projects.

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How many times have you watched a video about a business and held the edge of your seat? Imagine that with the added benefit of a new point of view.

Click below to view some of our recent Brand Awareness projects.

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