Year: 2017

How Drones Elevate Marketing Messages

Drones are far more than just a trending gadget. They have proven to be the right tool to capture involved footage, much cheaper than traditional filming. Hollywood consistently uses drones more and more frequently due to their extensive benefits. Let’s take a look at the exciting ways how drones elevate marketing messages. The Appeal of[…]

Construction Job Savings via Commercial Drones

There are many ways to achieve construction job savings via the use of a drone on a construction site. From a survey to a virtual tour, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination. However, there are other limitations, including technical issues for some applications and even new regulations about drones. In any case, there[…]

Client Questions for a Hired Drone Company

To hire a commercial drone is becoming more common every day. There are many new companies offering film footage at competitive pricing. Some of these companies are too young and inexperienced, that they take things lightly. Some others just want to avoid costs and miss compliance with only getting by with the minimum requirements. Before[…]

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