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At AerdiA, it’s our goal to provide the construction and inspection data you need for your architectural, engineering, construction, and inspection projects. We supply aerial data for your construction, engineering, architecture, inspection projects, and more. Through airborne data and 3D modeling, point clouds, CAD overlays, photography, and videography, we provide the information you need to do your job better. 

Our certified disabled veteran-owned and operated company was created out of a love of technology and a passion to help other industries by providing cost-effective services that enhance operations and marketing. 

Video is the next generation of media marketing, and aerial footage is on the cutting edge of that. Sixty-seven percent of customers are motivated to spend money when a business has some form of moving media in place. Let us showcase your business and projects from a completely different point of view! 

We seek to match our clients’ needs with the most current technologies available. We’re always updating what we utilize, and we do everything we can to stay on the cutting edge. By staying current, we ensure that we’re always providing you with the best results. For instance, we’ve recently improved our photogrammetry services with the addition of LiDAR technology on our drones. This laser scanning technology allows us to survey quickly, saving you time and money. You can access the data you need in less than 72 hours. Additionally, our services keep employees alive and are cost-efficient. We can help save you money in labor hours as well as workers’ comp claims.


Great advancements have come from the marriage of LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and commercial drones.

Click below to view some of our recent LiDAR projects.

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Buildings and Telecom are industries that gain huge benefits from Vertical Inspections via commercial drones.

Click below to view some of our recent Vertical Inspection projects.

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Some data is not as obvious as others. Our Thermal Data collection services provide a clearer picture, even when not normally visible.

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Exploring and integrating in three dimensions adds to the immersiveness of all around us. We have the capabilities to take our data into the 3D world.

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3D Modeling projects.

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Knowing what is happening on your project site can mean the difference between saving or spending money on costly reworked tasks.

Click below to view some of our recent Progression Documentation projects.

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How many times have you watched a video about a business and held the edge of your seat? Imagine that with the added benefit of a new point of view.

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“I spent ten years within the cellular industry. After that, I decided to explore owning my own business. I started self-employment in 1998 and have since started multiple companies varying in different industries while serving 12 years in the US Air Force.”



“By trade, I am a corporate lawyer having most recently departed from H.J. Heinz as the lead counsel for their North American Division. Upon leaving H.J. Heinz, I started exploring various entrepreneurial paths that lead me to join forces within AerdiA.”

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