Our AEC, Mapping, and Inspection division focuses on providing our clients with actionable data that can move their projects along faster. We focus on providing 3D Point Clouds, 3D Mesh Models, LiDAR Scans, Topography Data, Thermal Data Collection, and more.

We have had the privilege of working for Tetra Tech, PJ DickR3A, FedEx Ground, and more. No matter the size of your project, rest assured AerdiA will gather your data faster and budget friendly.

Our AEC, Mapping, and Inspection touch is exactly what your project needs!

Our specialized services specifically geared for those in the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) industries help keep employees safe, change orders at a minimum, and keep projects on their timeline of completion. Don’t cut corners thinking it is helping your bottom line. More likely, we are able to save you money and make sure your employees go home at the end of each shift.

We understand the needs associated with getting a massive project completed with minimal headaches. That is why we selected the AEC sector as one of our primary areas of focus. We know that what we offer can and will save a life on your project. We also know that it will help you keep your overhead to a minimum. It’s not a matter of how, but rather when. Use AerdiA to keep those times as least frequent as possible.

Because of our equipment, we are not constrained by weather conditions as our conventional aerial or ground methods. Providing wind speed is within the operating range, we can operate in varied conditions that may otherwise be unfavorable for others. The drones at our disposal are capable of running in the rain and extremely cold temperatures. No matter the weather conditions, AerdiA’s fleet of operators can conduct your project safely and completely.

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