Our Brand Awareness division focuses on various media for marketing and advertising along with cinematography efforts throughout the United States. With our equipment and expertise, we can create video and photo deliverables for TV, social media, and more.

We have had the privilege of working for Sony Pictures, Lifetime Channel, Gateway Clipper Fleet, and more. No matter the size of your project, rest assured AerdiA will make it incredible.

Our Brand Awareness touch is exactly what your marketing needs!

Brand Awareness with aerial media is the next generation of marketing and advertising. Sixty-seven percent of customers are motivated to spend money when a business has some form of moving media in place. Let AerdiA showcase your business and projects from a completely different point of view. Don’t let the competition steal your customers because your business is not on the cutting edge.

Customers are quick to jump to competitors’ if they feel there is someone better in the industry. Why let the competition steal from you, when you can ensure you are not only keeping your current customers but pulling in the competitor’s as well. Aerial media is the next generation in your arsenal of branding bullets. Put the competition out of its misery with a cutting-edge media spot from AerdiA.

Because of our equipment, we are not constrained by weather conditions as our conventional aerial or ground methods. Providing wind speed is within the operating range, we can operate in varied conditions that may otherwise be unfavorable for others. The drones at our disposal are capable of running in the rain and extremely cold temperatures. No matter the weather conditions, AerdiA’s fleet of operators can conduct your project safely and completely.

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