How Drones Elevate Marketing Messages

Drones are far more than just a trending gadget. They have proven to be the right tool to capture involved footage, much cheaper than traditional filming. Hollywood consistently uses drones more and more frequently due to their extensive benefits. Let’s take a look at the exciting ways how drones elevate marketing messages.

The Appeal of Aerial Shots

Aerial shots have always had a certain appeal. They take your eyes to places where you could hardly ever go. It is possible to get some of the most breathtaking shots from the air. You can create an expectation with a slow shot, and stand out a point of interest with a zoom-in from the sky.
Either in the countryside or the city, an aerial shot can be appealing and how drones elevate marketing messages when fitted with the right context. With new perspectives in filming, an aerial shot can make an action scene stand out.

Traditional Techniques for Aerial Shots vs. Drone Filming

In the past, aerial shots were only performed by helicopters. However, the prize was prohibitive for certain productions. Per hour, you could be charged at least $4000. That is the price of a professional drone with an integrated camera, which you can use extensively.
Besides the price, drones are smaller devices. They fit in small places, opening new possibilities for the filming industry. It is now possible to take an aerial shot with a drone in between tight streets with tall buildings and even follow the most complex action scenes.
With drone filming, many people –the director included– can watch the filming while it is shot. Traditional aerial shots with helicopters are not as versatile. A second shot is not possible in real time, and the footage needs to be perfect or edited to fit as the director wishes. With the use of drones, directors have more room for creativity and last minute decisions because everyone can get a glimpse of the film immediately.
The security risk is far less with a drone than a helicopter. Therefore, it is not surprising that insurance costs are far less for drones than helicopters.
However, all these advantages are no reason to trash a helicopter for certain jobs. There are still benefits of using traditional methods of aerial shooting. Helicopters can reach higher altitudes and cover longer distances. So, there are still benefits to using helicopters for aerial footage.

Hollywood Films using Drones Today

In Hollywood, the appeal of drones comes from the possibility to get shots that were nearly impossible in the past. Drones are now a standard for certain shots and cinematographers use them extensively. Los Angeles, which is the home city for Hollywood producers, has issued many permits for drones to fly the area. However, the use of drones is limited by the laws of the United States and FAA, and it is more common for Hollywood producers to film with drones in other locations. Some of the most common are in Africa and South America.
During 2016, it was estimated that 10% of Hollywood productions used drones. That number will likely increase in the following years with drone popularization and the overcome of some legal issues that have stopped some drone types from working. The development of security standards and work permits to operate drones will also increase the ease of use of these devices in Hollywood filming.

Drones playing an active Role on Films

Drones are not only used for taking complex shots. There is an extensive list of films, dating back to 1989 with drones appearing in scenes. The first movie showed a videotaping arrest in the futuristic world of Back to the Future II, which is today part of the past. After 2010 drone’s shots increased significantly, particularly during 2013, when many movies had drones in its scenes.
In 2016, we saw various films using drone shots including Inferno, The Purge: Election Year, National Bird, London has Fallen, and The Divergent Series: Allegiant.

Drones used for Marketing

Directors of TV commercials are the most engaged with the use of drones. Top notch brands are showcasing commercials filmed by drones, particularly some car brands. They recognized just how drones elevate marketing messages and used that to their benefit.
Traveling is another marketing niche in which drones pose particular appeal. They make use of aerial shots to present cities in a more appealing way. The landscapes are incredibly tempting making it an excellent marketing tool. Despite what most people think, drones used for marketing are not as expensive, and the results pay off. In average you can get footage with a drone for $2000 for a half day. A full day can go around $5000. For the shootings, you have to add production costs. However, if you are involved in creating marketing material, those are the same prices you would pay with any filming.

Other ways How Drones Elevate Marketing Messages

Drones are not just used for filming. They are also used as a sort of actor that plays a part in a commercial. Just like with Hollywood movies, they can play a significant role in a plot as a flying object.
Drones are also used to create winning campaigns reaching to customers in new and innovative ways. However, the most potential comes from data mining. Drones can film places in such a way the video can be analyzed through specialized software. With such use, the potential to gather information for marketing purposes is enormous. Tell us how drones elevate marketing messages for your company below.

How Drones Elevate Marketing Messages

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