Real Estate + Drones = Closed Listings

Real estate has taken a form of innovation recently. Real estate’s agents have a new intelligence they are adding to their business, which is the introduction of drone.

Using drones to capture aerial images of the property, which is more economical than helicopters. Until recently, the FAA has allowed over 500,000+ licenses for business use; and about 2100 of them, about .42% were given to real estate business.

Why drones in real estates?

Drones innovation has promoted outstanding aerial captures of real estate’s properties, from an office building with high rise capacity to important properties located in the coastal areas. The camera quality of these drones has remarkably transformed this industry into high rising markets.

Real estate agents about twenty percent who does not engage in the use of drone presently mentioned that in the future they would include drones in their business. This was gotten from a survey by National Association of real estate’s agents.


The Rules for Commercial Drone Usage

The rules encompass all the different permits needed when the drone should be in use and also where you can use them. The rules are placed in other to avoid injuries and accidents when using the drones. This is few of the rules

  • Commercial drones must not go above 400 feet in altitude and up to 100 miles for an hour in speed
  • Must be used during daytime, unless authorized with a waiver from the FAA
  • Personnel operating it needs to pass the test for aeronautical understanding and be certified as a remote pilot
  • Certification must be regularly renewed every two years
  • Every flight taken must be in the line of sight of the person in charge
  • Endeavor to get permission from the house owners before any flight with a drone
  • Never allow kids or animals to follow the drone
  • Read the instructional manual and accept every bit of responsibility

Types of Drones used for Real Estate

Typhoon H


Cost at $949, W/4K CG03 plus gimbal camera, six-rotor design which is reliable, collision avoidance, the landing gear is retractable, unobstructed camera view at 360 degrees, twenty minute times of flight time and three thousand feet range.


DJI Phantom 4 Pro


Cost at $1599, W/4k camera and gimbal, more advanced aircraft, single operator operation, object tracking and collision avoidance, live at HD streaming video and tap to fly/track.

DJI Mavic Pro Platnium


Cost $1099 W/4k camera & gimbal, 4K video for professional presentation, and three-axis gimbal to stabilization.

Why should realtors opt in for drone technology?

There are many reasons why realtor should opt in for drone technology vs. than doing it themselves. These are some reason why:

Shows a lot of the features of the properties

Drones provide full landscape views, shows various walking areas and the surrounding locations. The quality of the outside of the building can be demonstrated correctly, like the designs of the rooftop and the architectural designs also.

The tendency for the video or images to go viral is high

When the drone video or images captured are shared with friends and families by the clients or buyers, they tell them to check out the property. There is a  possible chance that this family member or friends will send it to others for their opinions or for a broader comment. It would be carried forward on various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and many others. This will create more awareness for the property on your behave.

Produces more compelling and enticing imagery

High-quality drones like the Phantom 4 Pro provides high and improved imaging that draws potential buyers to it. The programmed drone locates the desired area and creates quality media to view.

Your business becomes naturally branded

Quality is your brand that you can use quality images to create your brand message. Drone images or videos capture a way of improving your business’s worth. Most other realtors would not want to go through what it takes to create that quality, but this innovation can give a competitive edge over others thereby making you stand out from the competition.

You will save a lot of money

Grabbing aerial views with a helicopter is obviously more expensive and might not produce the desired result. But using an automated and the less expensive drone can give you the desired profit margin, and saving a bulk of the money you would have used via other methods.

Use Cases of Realtors Implementing Drone Footage

Statistics by MLS stated that houses with high-quality images, 68% sell faster than a house with average media shots of the listing. Supplying a video capture can draw you the right buyer to the property.

From NAR (National Association of Realtors) 73% of house owners say they will, by all means, enlist with a realtor who will offer video capturing for their homes. This shows that there is about a fifty percent chance to attract more people to your list and more deals. Thereby pushing ten transactions to sixteen, which turns out to an additional profit of $31500.

To hire a drone, it will cost an average of $500, so from the sixteen listings, it will cost $8000. Doing a subtraction of $8000 from $31,500 will give $23,500 after the drone usage on the sixteen houses. There is over a 200% return on investment, which is a win for the realtor.


Real Estate + Drones = Closed Listings

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