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[section][column size=”col-12″] [tabs layers=”true”][tab title=”Who?”]One of the hardest yet lucrative industries is a real estate career. Many times the sale is contingent on the “curb appeal” and having lackluster media and walk-throughs of the property will guarantee a slow sale. By using aerial media to not only show the property from all angles but also around the property, you will provide a clear vision for those interested.[/tab] [tabs layers=”true”][tab title=”Why?”]There is a reason YouTube is so successful, and that is because people love to watch something vs. reading it. When you use aerial media for your listings, you create the next level of immersion for the interested parties. How many times have you found that you will notice someone posting a video on social media vs. something they typed? Aerial video is the next generation, and you can use AeridA to your advantage against the other realtors that could be trying to snatch up that listing if it does not work out.[/tab] [tabs layers=”true”][tab title=”When?”]Being able to deploy a remote vehicle from just about anywhere, AerdiA can provide quick response times. Time or weather constraints are limited. Providing wind speed is within operating range, we can work within varied conditions that may otherwise be unfavorable for others to endure. Is there a location not¬†readily understood from a ground level viewing? We can provide many angles to ensure those interested are completely immersed.[/tab] [/tabs] [/column] [/section] [content id=”252″]


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