Search and Rescue

[section][column size=”col-12″] [tabs layers=”true”][tab title=”Who?”]When lives are on the line, AerdiA can help facilitate critical information to make the best decision. We offer aerial services to aid in hostage situations, illegal activities, land and structural fires, chemical and hazardous spills, and more. When time is crucial and lives matter, AerdiA is available quickly.[/tab] [tabs layers=”true”][tab title=”Why?”]When an emergency calls for quick intelligence information, we can quickly deploy a team to aid in your needs and help provide critical videos and photos to best aid in your decision-making process.[/tab] [tabs layers=”true”][tab title=”When?”]Being able to deploy a remote vehicle from just about anywhere, time or weather constraints are limited. Providing wind speed is within operating range, we can operate within varied conditions that may otherwise be unfavorable for others to endure.[/tab] [/tabs] [/column] [/section] [content id=”252″]


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