Year: 2017

Shooting for a Movie, Day 1

We were recently provided with an opportunity to step foot on a movie production here in Pittsburgh, one of our first. While not at first obvious, my anxiety and stress were through the roof. My elevated blood pressure was entirely based on the fact that it was the first time that we were going to run[…]

Thermal Cameras and Drones

At AerdiA we recently purchased a thermal camera to be outfitted on one of our commercial drones. Now you may ask how can this benefit you? Below we will go through the various areas and how they are best utilizing thermal imagery, also known as thermography. Embed from Getty Images A simple Google search defines[…]

Drone Usage for Utilities and Towers

The benefits of drone usage versus traditional human inspection are adding points to the adoption of this technology in the industry. Controls are necessary to prevent issues and accurately schedule maintenance. They also needed to solve problems when the inbox pours with reports of troubles. The inspection itself is meant to save money. Now drones[…]

Real Estate + Drones = Closed Listings

Real estate has taken a form of innovation recently. Real estate’s agents have a new intelligence they are adding to their business, which is the introduction of drone. Using drones to capture aerial images of the property, which is more economical than helicopters. Until recently, the FAA has allowed over 500,000+ licenses for business use;[…]

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